I’m looking forward to our first day of class on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and I hope you are too. We are lucky to have a small class, and I have a lot planned for this semester for us to learn and work on. Hopefully, you’ll even have something published by the end of the semester. It’s fun to see your name in print!

Make sure you have these things or get them during the first week.

  • “Writing & Reporting News: A Coaching Method” by Carole Rich.
  • A clicker
  • The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law
  • Access to MyClasses and your campus email

The following may also help you:

  • “When Words Collide” by Lauren Kessler and Duncan McDonald
  • A subscription to The Daily Times/DelmarvaNow.com
  • Any other good national or local newspaper (you should be reading news articles daily)

During the semester, I’ll be using this website to remind you of assignments and homework via blog posts, so be sure to subscribe via email.

– Ms. Junkin