We covered a good amount today, so I wanted to break out some highlights.

  • Only capitalize titles that come before names. For example: SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach, or Janet Dudley-Eshbach, SU’s president.
  • When writing in AP Style (as we will for this class), do not use the Oxford comma — the last comma in a series. For example: The flag is red, white and blue.
  • Make sure the subject and pronoun agree. For example: The team must win its game. The players must win their game.

  • Keep punctuation inside the quotes. For example: “We had a great first week of class,” Junkin said.
  • “Said” always goes after the name, as in the previous example, unless there’s attributing information, like a title. For example: “We had a great first week of class,” said Vanessa Junkin, a professor.

If you want to review the comma handout or other resources, I’ve put a few together on a new resources page on this blog. There is also some information about ethics on the page. We will discuss that more in depth at a later point.

I sent everyone an email about return policies at the SU Bookstore, since our classroom is not set up for clicker use. Here’s the link to the store’s policy.

For Tuesday’s class, read Chapter 2 of the textbook — Newswriting Basics, pages 13-21.