Students: This is for class on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

We will use this post during class to look at real press releases versus published news articles/briefs.

First, try rewriting this press release: School bus crash. Write up an article using just the release. Then, turn it in to me and I will copy edit it for you and write notes on it. This won’t be graded, but hopefully it will give you some practice before you do your homework and you can also get some input from me before you turn it in. I’ll give them back to you on Thursday.

Here are some other examples:

Marijuana/IED incident: MSP release | story

Laurel Taser incident:  Laurel PD release | story

Motorcycle crash: DSP news release | story

Death investigation: SPD press release | story

Missing Pennsylvania man: Ocean City PD release | story


We may also use these examples in class:

Sussex town hall

NOI 9-20-15 Somerset Under Investigation Barn 9949 Arden Station Rd.

Sheriff’s Office – assault

SU – Off-campus robbery