For homework, to do before Thursday’s class, use this prompt to write a news article.

Print out this rubric and use it to help you.

Finish the article before class and bring a printed version as well as an online version. Work independently to write it.

You will trade papers with a partner and peer-edit each other’s work. You’ll also have my comments on the practice on the bus crash that we did in class today, which you can use to help you. Then, you’ll turn in your edited article to me in class. (That’s why you need to bring the online version.)

You can’t get credit unless you are in class Thursday for the peer editing. You can’t email your assignment in.

Don’t forget to use your AP Stylebook as you complete the assignment, and feel free to look at other articles to see how they are written.

Also, read Chapter 12 (Online Journalism) of the textbook.

As I mentioned in class today, you can also get extra credit for attending the event that the CMAT political communication class is co-hosting Wednesday, Sept. 23. Just bring this Extra Credit Sheet (it’s the same thing I gave you in class) and get it filled out and back to me within a week. If you do that, you can get 5 points added to your next quiz grade. The event is at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, and here’s a link that you can use to register if you plan to attend:

See you Thursday!