Your meeting story homework is due Thursday, Oct. 8. Like last time, bring a printed copy in, and also have a digital copy with you so you can make any changes. On Thursday, we’ll be peer editing and going over the homework in class like we have been.

This is the same as what I handed out in class, but here’s the meeting prompt and the rubric. It will be graded on a five-point scale.

Here are the examples I went over in class:

Advance/Preview: Wicomico marijuana applicant to host town hall 

Meeting Coverage: Views mixed on proposed Hebron medical marijuana facility

More meeting coverage:
Residents protest potential closure of North Carroll High at Board of Education work session

Tyson property purchase a go after Berlin meeting

MSP retiree named as choice for Pocomoke’s new chief

Conflict in Somerset over poultry house boom

See you Tuesday! We’re going to be discussing interviewing.