** UPDATE: You are using a prompt, so the part about using your friends, work colleagues, etc. as sources DOES NOT APPLY and I have taken it out. You don’t have to do any interviews for this article (please do not, as it is not real). Sorry to confuse anyone. **

Your first assignment will be due Tuesday, Oct. 13. Here is the assignment and the rubric that I gave out in class. It will be graded out of 100 points — be very careful with your editing so you don’t lose points!

Here’s a reminder of what you can lose points for:

  • Content (based on the criteria in the rubric)
  • Mechanics (there are also reminders in the rubric)- 2 points = each grammar and punctuation error- 2 points = each AP style error

    – 2 points = each spelling error (Deducted both for misspelled words and typos.)

    – 10 points = Failure to make a deadline, which means turning in anything late. Additional points will be deducted for assignments turned in more than one day late

    – 10 points = Factual error. This includes inaccurate information and errors or typos in proper nouns, numbers, addresses, dates and quotes.

For Thursday’s class, read Chapter 5: Interviewing (the interviewing chapter may be a different chapter in earlier versions, but read the interviewing one.) Your homework on the meeting story coverage will also be due. Remember you have to be in class to get credit for that one.

See you Thursday!