Don’t forget that your first assignment is due at the beginning of class Tuesday. We will not be doing peer editing in class, so be sure to have your printed-out copy, with the rubric filled out and stapled to it. Don’t plan to print it out in class. You will get 10 points off for each day this assignment is late, and this is not by class period, it is by day. 

Note that I had mistakenly put something on the last blog post about not interviewing friends/family, etc. This isn’t applicable for this assignment since it’s all based off of a prompt.

Other homework for Tuesday:

Read Chapter 8 of the textbook: “Story Organization.”

Read “Fatal Distraction” – Pulitzer Prize-winning feature article (it is a great read!)

Here are the other examples I brought up in class if you would like to read other feature articles to get a feel for them. We’ll be going into feature ledes more on Tuesday.

Color story

Oktoberfest introduces competitions in fourth year

Feel the churn: Making butter for breast cancer research

Reaction piece

Wilmington residents say rift with police growing worse

Is Salisbury’s proposed curfew fair? 

Trend story

Delaware’s new faces of addiction

Soft news

Five easy ways SU students can be environmentally friendly

Fall into autumn with a Red Delicious


She was a conservative pundit. He was a liberal activist. At home, none of that mattered.

Motorcycle-riding opera singer from Sykesville now advocates for knee health

Teen pursues passion for politics as Mount Airy mayor’s intern

Happy reading, and see you Tuesday!

Ms. Junkin