ASSIGNMENT 3 – Press Release – will be due Tuesday, Dec. 1. You will print out your written press release, written using information from the prompt below, and turn it in with your filled-out rubric in class. We won’t be doing peer editing in class, but feel free to have someone look it over/edit it before you turn it in. Be sure to look at the rubric, as there is some specific information you will want to include.

PROMPT: VJ-assignment3_pressrelease1

RUBRIC: VJ-assignment3_pressrelease_rubric

HOMEWORK – Backgrounder and fact sheet – will be due Thursday, Dec. 3

There is no Word doc/PDF prompt for this; you will be writing a backgrounder and fact sheet on your favorite singer or band. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. I will Google phrases online to check.  For this, we’ll be doing peer editing in class that day.


  • Write a fact sheet AND a backgrounder about your favorite singer/band (must still be performing together!)
  • Make them distinct from one another
  • No more than one page EACH
  • Information MUST BE factual – do not make anything up!
  • DO NOT copy and paste! That is plagiarism! (You will get a zero)
  • Use websites, blogs, Pandora or any other credible sources to put the information together (cite your source if the information cannot be found on multiple sources – for example, when listing band members, tour dates or album/CD names, you wouldn’t need to cite your source).
  • Think about your audience:
    • If I am a long-time fan, what would I like to know?
    • If I have never heard of the person/group, what would I want to know?
    • What might a reporter writing a story about the group/person want to know?
  • Fact sheets contain this type of info (they each may not apply to this project):
    • Group members
    • Locations
    • Earnings
    • Brief explanation of group/person
    • Goals/beliefs/values
    • Services/products
    • Unique notes
    • Numbers!
  • Backgrounders contain this type of info:
    • Use 1-3-sentence grafs
    • Use complete sentences
    • Use conversational, but professional language
    • Good grammar & AP style
    • Break up into headings:
      • History
      • Achievements
      • Key players/influences
      • Community contributions