Here is the information about Assignment Four and the extra credit opportunity I discussed in class today.


Due Thursday, Dec. 10

I did not mention this in class, but we will do peer-editing that Thursday in class, and whatever time is left over you can use for group work. Please bring both electronic and printed versions.

  • Gather preliminary information for an event your organization (the one you’re doing the press kit on) will host/has hosted. I am relatively flexible on the exact topic of your promo feature since we only have a week left. Email me if you have questions.
  • You will need one or two quotes for your feature (can be from the same person)
  • You may report on the same topic as your group mates, but you must do your work independently
  • You are allowed to know/be friends with/be in the organization with the person or people you interview.

Important: If I see two identical quotes or stories that are too similar, I will mark them as plagiarized and both people will get a zero. Any plagiarism will lead to a zero.

Rubric (Print out, fill out and bring with your assignment on Dec. 10): VJ-assignment4_promofeature_rubric


Due Thursday, Dec. 10, by 12:30 p.m. via email to

  • Take photos or screenshots of up to five spelling or AP Style errors you can find (in newspapers, magazines, press releases, signs, etc.)
  • Email the photos to me before class Thursday, Dec. 10.
  • You will get an extra credit point added to your quiz grade for each one that is an error. (Sorry, more than five won’t count, although there are tons of errors out there.)

I will have to make sure I am completely error-free in my own writing! 🙂

Update (added Dec. 4): Make sure it’s clear what the error is (close-up photo, highlighted or circled) … Don’t just send me an entire story so I have to find the error. Just wanted to clarify that.

Don’t forget the 5 points of extra-credit opportunity at UMES is also coming up on Monday (details in earlier post).

Enjoy your weekend –

Ms. J