This is the extra credit assignment I handed out in class Tuesday. It is due Thursday.


For those of you in class, I wrote some common editing marks on the bottom of the page before I copied it and handed it out, but since I’m posting a Word Doc here, those will not show up. Here is a good online guide to editing marks:

Just make it clear what you’re changing and why. You’ll be turning in the print version with your editing marks on it.

Both this extra credit and the extra credit in which you find errors are due by the beginning of class on Thursday. Both assignments are optional, but they can only help you, so I would recommend doing them.

I will go over this in class, but our final exam room has changed — it is now TETC 253. (This is at 10:45 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 17.)

See you Thursday for our last class!

Ms. J